Qin Yongmin

Amnesty International Edmonton Group 12/26 worked on behalf of Qin Yongmin for over 10 years.

On November 29, 2010 Qin Yongmin was released after 12 years in prison. He was kept under tight surveillance but continued his activism launching China Human Rights Watch which monitors freedoms in China. He was rearrested in January 2015 and kept incommunicado until his trail in May 2018. Following the trial he was sentenced to 13 years in prison. His wife is under incommunicado house arrest at her home.

This is the latest news (July 2018) about Qin Yongmin.

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Qin Yongmin is a member of the China Democratic Party, who was given a 12 year prison sentence for “subverting state power” in December 1998.  The charge related to his peaceful political and human rights work. 

It was not the first time he had been detained and imprisoned.  His trial lasted about two and a half hours and he was not represented by a lawyer.  Amnesty International believes it did not meet international standards for fairness. 

Qin Yongmin has one daughter.  He was 47 or 48 years old at the time of his imprisonment and was in ill-health, possibly suffering from heart problems, high blood pressure and a gastric disease.  During a family visit in March 1999, he was described as looking “pale and swollen”.  In 2004, we had some news through the French Amnesty International group, who had obtained it from Xu Wenli, an exiled Chinese dissident.  He confirmed that Qin Yongmin was in Hanyang Prison in Wuhan and said he reportedly has liver disease and has problems with his eyes. 

Amnesty International believes that Qin Yongmin is a Prisoner of Conscience, imprisoned for peacefully exercising his rights.  He and others had tried to start a new political party, the China Democratic Party.  He was also part of a human rights group and was active in supporting the rights of workers to organize trade unions.

Please click here to view an appeal made by Qin Yongmin s wife. The English translation is below the video.